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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Well, I've taken the next step...that is with my manuscript of course.  I've submitted it to Tate Publishing and am now in the waiting stage.  To date I've received an email and a phone call, both which I take as positive steps in the publishing process.  I was told it could take weeks before I hear from them next and that's the toughest part...the waiting.

My book, Jeremiah's Journey, Gaining Our Autistic Son by Losing Him to the System, was a heart wrenching book to write.  Having to relive some of the difficult parts of our lives wasn't easy, but necessary. To make the book "real" I had to include the mistakes we made and the results from the mistakes, the depression that can come from raising a difficult and sometimes violent Autistic child, and the pressures that can be made on your marriage.  We were fortunate and despite the marital stresses our faith in each other kept us close and working as a team.  All too often divorce is a result and one parent is left with the bulk of responsibilities.  During our rough patches we both looked at that aspect and decided it wasn't fair to the other partner and worked on coming closer rather than letting it cause a rift.  Having a close relationship with The Creator helped most during those rough spots.

I'll keep you posted on this exciting process of getting my manuscript into book form.  Celebrate with me as I take each step in the process.  Tate may turn out not to be the right publisher but it's a starting point.  I'm learning as I go and enjoying the experience.  It'll help me with my next two projects, a children's book and a romance novel.  It's fun to branch out and experience the different genres.

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