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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Publishing Process - Step Two

Step One was submitting my book for publication and now we are on to Step Two, the acceptance email and phone call.

I received an email last Friday...my book has been accepted for publication by Tate Publishing!  My original email from them said it would take weeks to hear from them was correct, but not as long as I had anticipated. The email said the contacts in the mail and little else except for the fact that my book, "Jeremiah's Journey", had been accepted.

I received a phone call yesterday while I was at the dentist, and the message that Eric, my Acquisitions Editor, left was positive, upbeat and helpful.  He called to follow-up the email and to offer support and the next step in the publishing process. Since this is my first book I have a lot of questions and will call Eric today to ask some of them.

I've read some of the books published by Tate and was pleased with their covers and inside details and professionalism.  It's my hope that my book will turn out just as good or better.  One thing they said was that they receive approximately 15,000-16,000 submissions each year and only accept between 4% and 6% for publication. An impressive number to be a part of and I hope it wasn't just to make me feel better about choosing their company to publish my book.

It's my understanding that they (Tate) will set up book signings at local book stores, and put together a notice for the newspaper.  While my book was written in Oklahoma and will be published by an Oklahoman publishing company I hope that it will not limit us to this state.  It will be available on Amazon in book and e-book formats so I'm hoping for a broader audience.

I'll keep you posted on the publishing process.  I'm sure there will be some editing as Eric put it "I think your material has a lot of potential..." which translates to me...editing.  I look forward to the next steps and sharing my journey with you.


  1. Congratulations on your book being accepted by Tate! I'm looking forward to reading more about the publishing process as you move forward.
    FYI: I found your blog through LinkedIn's "Book Marketing / Do you have a blog?" group.

  2. I have good news -- my book will be released this month! I should be receiving copies of my book today. They are available through emailing me at win.quier@yahoo.com until my Tate author link is activated. The price is $8.99 with $1.75 s/h.