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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Healing From Surgery

The surgery is done and I'm in the healing process which should be short.  They were able to do the surgery from inside my mouth because my jaw was loose once I was put to sleep.  No damage to the titanium plates had been done and they couldn't find anything wrong.  So that means we are back to ground zero.  I am still in pain, other than from the surgery, and they think it is caused from some muscular damage.  So I need a referral to a specialist that can help with the muscles, possibly have to wear a mouth piece at night to stop grinding and determine what is acutually wrong.  I've reached a point of frustration and I'm hungry for something more than soup, mashed potatoes and cream of wheat cereal.  It'll be nice to be on the healthy side once again and I'm hoping my pain management doctor isn't going to change my medications due to the surgery result.  What he has me on is the best working medications I've been on so far.    All I want right now is to get heathy and pain free.

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