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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sensory Processing Massage by Dr. John Pagano

We wanted to share with you today a video on the art of Sensory Processing Massage by Dr. John Pagano which can be used for calming children with Autism. So if you are struggling with behavioral issues these are practical techniques you can use with your child in the comfort of your own home.

The Editor of Autism Parenting Magazine allowed Dr. Pagano to work with her daughter and saw vast improvements over a six month period in decreasing oral sensitivity, decreasing sleep problems, and a huge decrease in meltdowns. She was very skeptical of the massage but has seen its enormous benefits for children on the spectrum.

So check out the video and please feel free to like and share so other people can benefit from the technique


The full interview with Dr. John is featured in Issue 3 of Autism Parenting Magazine and you can get your magazine in either the ipad or pdf version.


Mark and Leslie



  1. I am very impressed to see the video clip and the girl is very beautiful. I have follow the steps with my baby as Dr. follow.

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  2. I am glad that the video will be useful for you. I was impressed as well.