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Monday, May 13, 2013

AutismSpeaks Request for Support of New 529 Savings Act for Children with Autism

AutismSpeaks has a request to contact your local representatives and senators to sign a new bill that could affect you and your autistic child. Please visit the following link to read more about Achieving A Better Life Experience Act (ABLE) which is a 529 tax savings act where parents of autistic children can save money, tax free, for their child's future.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

In My Mom's Memory

Hi dear friends,

On January 17, 2013 my mother, Clara Lynn Robinson passed away.  She went peacefully in her sleep with her pug by her side.  Mom left behind a brother, George Jackinsky; two sisters, Barbara Redmond and Cora (I've forgotten her last name); daughters Melody Daniel, Win Quier and Cindy Currier.  She was preceded in death by her husband, Frank Robinson and daughter, Janette Koontz.

Mom was born in Ninilchik, Alaska in 1932.  She was raised by her father and grandmother because her mother died shortly after her birth.  She grew up on a fish site in Starisky, Alaska and had to walk the beach to town to get their mail and groceries.  Timing with the tide was imperative or they would have to climb up the banks and wait out high tide.  She lost her father on her 10th birthday.  He drowned while boating across Cook Inlet to a fish site.  A bore tide came in and his small boat couldn't take the speed and force of it.

She homesteaded in Homer, Alaska with her husband and four daughters.  The view from our homestead was breathtaking.  Three giant glaciers and the view of the beach across Kachemak Bay was a daily blessing.  It seemed that no two days were alike.

Mom also loved to cook, knit, crochet and sew.  Later in life, when she wasn't so busy, she also loved to read romance novels.  Pinochle and cribbage were her favorite games.

She received a pug puppy from some good friends when her long time pet passed away.  She named her Honey Bear and spoiled her rotten.  They were extremely close and it wasn't unusual to see Honey Bear cuddled up on her chest.  Mom and Honey Bear were the mascots of the complex where she lived.  I inherited her when mom passed away and she's adjusting to being one of two dogs in the house and the climate change from Alaska and Oklahoma.

Mom has been sorely missed.  Her and I had made a pact when I spent six weeks with her shortly before she died.  Whenever I find a dime it's a sign that she is watching over me.  I've found three so far in unusual places.  My favorite is the dime on the floor on my side of my husband's van.  I smile and say, "Hi mom.  I love you." whenever I slide into my seat.  My husband has promised to leave that dime there so that I have special moments often with her.

I love you mama.  You set a good example and I'll be eternally grateful that God picked you to be my mother.

Dani Bowman, an 18-year-old girl on the autism spectrum

I recently received an email from Autism Speaks.  It was about Dani Bowman and the business she has started.  Dani is an 18 year old girl on the autism spectrum.

Here's a link to her site.  It's worth checking out.  http://www.powerlight-studios.com/