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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Prologue to Jeremiah's Journey

As promised in an earlier post here is the prologue to my book, Jeremiah's Journey, Gaining Our Autistic Son By Losing Him to the System    I hope it gives you some insight into what the book is about.

“What is he doing right now? What is he feeling?” I asked myself while envisioning him sitting on a chair waiting for his mom and dad to pick him up. All the while he knew they said they wouldn’t, but there was always a chance. Did his head turn to the door each time that now familiar noise sounded beside him? Was he pacing and stimming as he does when he is stressed? Did he hate us? What was he thinking? How did he feel?

The uncontrollable tears, inconsolable sadness and feeling of being a Titanic sized failure as a mother flooded my soul as I watched the minutes draw closer to 5:01 p.m., the time I had to let go of my son. The time I had to abandon him. How could I, a devoted, loving mother, take such a drastic tough love step? How could I not take this agonizing step to get him the help he needed? He had reached the stage where we couldn’t handle him anymore and his outbursts had become more violent.

What did we miss while he was growing up? Was there another doctor my husband and I could have taken him to for more tests? Was there a new treatment that we missed while searching for information on the web? These are the type of questions the parent of a child on the Autism Spectrum ask themselves most of the time.

Our story doesn’t start here. I’ll need to catch you up on our roller coaster ride to that fateful day in January 2009.

If after reading this prologue you feel inclinded to support my efforts to bring this book to print I encourage you to visit Jeremiah's Journey, Gaining Our Autistic Son By Losing Him to the System and consider becoming an active patron.  Any and all pledges are greatly appreciated and an answer to prayer.  Thank you for your precious time and consideration.

Win Quier

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My New Book Venture

As I have mentioned in previous posts I am writing a book entitled 'Jeremiah's Journey' Gainging Our Autistic Son By Losing Him to the System.  It's the true story of our son, Jeremiah, and the journey we made with him from birth to us forced into giving him up to DHS and him graduating from high school then getting his first apartment.  It is still a work in progress but my goal is to have the manuscript completed by April 2012 and ready for prfessional proofreading, editing and then printing in September 2012.  That's where you come into the picture.  By visiting Jeremiah's Journey you will have the opportunity to help bring this book to fruition now.  My heartfelt gratitude for any support that you can give.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year my friends!  May this new year bring joy and blessings to you and yours.

My resolutions this year are few.  Finish my book is high on the list but along with that is raising funds to pay for the publishing, getting my manuscript proofread and find a publisher willing to take on my project.  It is supposed to be easier now to get published than ever before but I want to make sure my book is error free before it hits the shelves.  We finally have a working title for it...Jeremiah's Journey; Gaining Our Autistic son by Losing Him to the System.  I'll be posting the prologue of the book here prior to releasing it for sale.  A little teaser.

Another resolution is to take more time to show and tell my loved ones how much I care.  I lost a family member in December and it hit hard because we had lost contact about 25 years ago.  Hard feelings that were never healed took away a possible relationship.  I don't want that to happen again thus the change.  An 'I'm sorry' or 'I love you' go along way and they will be coming out of mouth more this year.

I think that pretty much covers the resolutions.  They'll both keep me busy and make a better person of me.  May you be blessed in 2012 with something unexpected.  Happy New Year!